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Since 1912, the Blitz® brand has been synonymous with the quick and easy way to polish to perfection. We have established a strong reputation as metal care experts, and our field tested and approved products have gained national and international recognition. The original “Blitz Cloth” has been a staple of the U.S. military for decades and is proudly displayed in the Smithsonian Institute!

Today, Blitz® is the leading producer of fine quality Private Label, OEM and branded metal cleaning products in a range of markets including the firearm arena. All of our 100% cotton flannel cloths are made in the USA and treated with non-toxic cleaning and polishing agents.


Firearm Cloth

Cleans and protect firearms, knives and most metal surfaces. The cloth contains non-abrasive oil which cleans any surface rust, dirt, or residue left by handling as well as many other airborne agents. 
Stock No. 20190 - X-LARGE
Stock No. 20196 - LARGE

Odor Blocker Firearm Cloth

Blitz® Odor Blocker Firearm Cloth is ideal for neutralizing chemical odors. Cleans and protects firearms, too!
Stock No. 20191

Bore Gel

The Blitz Bore Gel easily removes carbon, lead, and has a pleasant odor.
Stock No. 20192

Firearm Wipes

Blitz Firearm Wipes provide a fast and convenient method for cleaning and protecting your firearms, knives, fishing tackle and other outdoor equipment. Leaves a protective coating to condition metal, helps prevent rust, and protects firearms from moisture.
Stock No. 20193

Silicone Gun and Reel Cloth

Blitz® Gun & Reel Cloth is ideal for cleaning most firearms, fishing tackle and other outdoor equipment. Leaves a protective coating to condition metals and helps to prevent rust.
Stock No. 20194

Bow Care Cloth

The Blitz® Bow Care Cloth is a plush suede microfiber cloth developed for wiping dust and grime that may build up from field use or storage. For use on all types of bows and soft enough for most surfaces.
Stock No. 20195

Stock and Grip Cloth

Blitz® Stock & Grip Cloth is ideal for use on most fine wood and polymer firearm grips and gun stocks.
Stock No. 20198

Scope and Binocular Cloth

Blitz® Scope & Binocular Cloth is ideal for use on glasses, scopes, binoculars or other optics. Cloth can be washed and re-used.
Stock No. 20199

Private label and oem program

Blitz would like to offer you the opportunity to add items to your current product mix that will allow you to make a profit and promote your company every time your customers clean their firearms. We currently offer 10 sku’s that you can private label with your own company logo. For more information, just fill out the contact form below and mention “Private Labeling” in the comment.


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